Summit hot yoga

Sumits Yoga Is…

  • ● A purposeful series of yoga postures practiced in a heated environment to energizing and balancing music.
  • ● Led by certified, enthusiastic and inspired teachers, designed to motivate people of all levels
  • ● Heat thins the blood, increasing the heart rate making hot yoga an excellent low impact cardiovascular workout.
  • ● Heat speeds the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids, producing sweat which detoxifies your body, flushing out toxins.
  • ● Heat makes your muscles more elastic, allowing for deeper safer stretching.
  • ● Sumits yoga does not discriminate. Regardless of age or condition, your mind, body and spirit will benefit from hot yoga. We welcome all skill and experience levels.

Though classes are designed to optimize physical health by waking and energizing the entire body, Sumits Yoga stresses that the greatest benefit comes not as much from the healing of the body, but from the healing of the mind. The simple pleasure and self-reward that comes from quieting our minds, listening to each breath and honoring where are bodies are in stillness or movement cannot be measured. You do not measure your yoga practice by how many perfectly aligned poses you can perform, but by how deep you can immerse yourself inwards. It’s amazing how a simple downward dog can be felt so differently by any student on any given day and still provide a feeling of connection, balance and satisfaction regardless of the depth it’s practiced. This is the true beauty of yoga and it awaits every student who is ready let go of the ego and begin listening to their own deeper wisdom and inner voice.

Yoga helps prevent injuries by stabilizing joints, improving balance and proprioception, increasing muscle pliability, and building core strength. The practice helps to balance out imbalances that result from the repetitive stress of your sport, and trains the body as an integrated unit — which is hugely beneficial because a body in balance is far less likely to be injured.

-From: 3 Ways Yoga Makes you a better Athlete, by Erin Taylor